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Founded in 2005, China Changsha Zhonglong Chemical Co.,Ltd. , is a professional manufacturer of zirconia series and alumina series products. Our grinding media, including yttria stabilized zirconia beads, ceria stabilized zirconia beads, zirconia silicate beads, zirconia cylinders, zirconia toughened alumina balls & alumina balls/bricks, are widely used in coatings, paints, pigments, dyes, inks, electric ceramics, magnetic materials, battery materials, non-metal mining, metal oxides, food, pesticide, cosmetics, medicine, titanium dioxide, kaolin clay, calcium carbonate, etc.

We have been dedicated to provide high quality products and various solutions for grinding media for business partners. Our products are well sold to more than 50 countries. Through consistent hard work and concentration on business partners’ requirements, we offer suitable quality products, professional technical information and support for them.

Development Path


Since its establishment in 2005, Zhong Long Materials Group has become a world-class grinding media supplier through innovative R&D and unremitting quality management.


The number of team exceeded 2000, and the production line of zirconium silicate powder was established.


The factory was expanded, and a zirconium ball production line was established, and an e-commerce operation team was established at the same time.


Participated in the international exhibition stage for the first time.


The company changed its name to Zhong Long Materials Group and established a factory in Qingdao, Shandong in the same year.


Grinding zirconium ball supply and export to overseas.


China Changsha Zhonglong Chemical Co.,Ltd. was established in Changsha and established its own brand CLAYDE.

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Industry Information

The scale of advantageous enterprises continues to expand

At present, China's grinding industry concentration is low, more manufacturers; Moreover, the technical difference of various manufacturers is great, and the homogenization and disorderly competition are serious, which has compressed the profit level of the whole industry and affected the competitiveness of China's abrasive media products in the international market. With the guidance of national industrial policy and the tightening of environmental protection policy, large production enterprises with capital and technological advantages will gradually gain a larger market share; We will gradually cancel investment in environmental protection.

Environmental protection and safety requirements are becoming more and more stringent

In recent years, with the increasingly strict environmental protection and safety policies, grinding ball manufacturing industry and its downstream industry environmental protection pressure is increasing.Production capacity.Therefore, it is imperative to upgrade the products and technology of grinding ball manufacturers.

The product structure is unreasonable, and technological innovation needs to be strengthened

In recent years, China's grinding ball industry in product performance, quality, stability, technology and other aspects have significantly improved, grinding ball production and sales are in the forefront of the world; But the product structure is still unreasonable, the products are mostly conventional varieties, low added value. Homogenization phenomenon is more serious, some varieties overcapacity.

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