Composite Balls

Composite Balls Introduce

The specific gravity of the zirconium-aluminum composite ball is 3.30, and the aluminum content is about 80%. The specific calcined alumina powder, a certain amount of zirconium-containing powder and other raw materials are ground to a certain fineness by a ball mill, spray granulated, and then isostatic Press-forming machinery is pressed and formed, and it is calcined at high temperature in a tunnel kiln.


Composite Balls Features

① Suitable for grinding materials with high hardness and viscosity
② Specific gravity (specific gravity 6.05), the greater the quality of the grinding beads, the greater the
③ grinding shear force provided, improving the grinding efficiency
④ Acid, alkali and salt corrosion resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean
⑤ High mechanical strength, impact resistance, high-speed operation without fragmentation
⑥ Wear resistance: 30-50 times that of glass beads, zirconium silicate beads: about 8 times
⑦ Grinding efficiency: 10-12 times that of glass beads, zirconium silicate beads: 4-6 times


Composite Balls Application

Coating ink

Pesticide chemical industry

Ceramic industry

Non-metallic mining industry

Food industry

Nanomaterials and other industries


Composite Balls Applicable equipment

It is mainly used for ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of horizontal sand mill, vertical sand mill, centrifugal sand mill, basket sand mill, nano sand mill and other equipment.


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