Alumina Balls

Alumina Balls Introduce

Ceramic grinding balls can be divided into medium aluminum balls, medium high aluminum balls and high aluminum balls according to different alumina contents. High-alumina balls have excellent properties such as high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, large specific gravity, small size, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and no pollution. They are widely used in different types of ceramics, enamels, glass, chemical, etc.

Alumina Balls Application

1. Catalyst: Activated alumina ball is a white spherical porous substance with uniform micropore distribution, large volume, strong water absorption, small bulk density, high strength, and low wear. It is a very stable catalyst carrier and can also be used as Catalyst used.

2. Desiccant: Mainly used for dehydration and drying of chemical, metallurgy, electronics, petroleum and other industrial gases, such as air, oxygen, nitrogen and other gases, smelting gas and petroleum cracking gas. Activated alumina is a high-strength alumina product with many pores and has a strong affinity for water. It is a desiccant for deep drying of trace water. It has the characteristics of no softening, no expansion, and no pulverization after soaking in water in the use medium, so it is widely used in gas phase and liquid phase drying in petrochemical industry, textile industry, oxygen industry and automatic instrument air drying.

3. Special regeneration agent for hydrogen peroxide: used to purify hydrogen peroxide working fluid and increase the amount of anthraquinone.

4. Water treatment defluoridation and arsenic agent: used for defluorination and arsenic removal of drinking water, fluoride absorption capacity: 2.1mg/g. Water purification industry.

5. Oil purifier: used for decolorization and purification of transformer oil.


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