Raw Material

The raw materials of alumina ceramic balls:

a- alumina ceramic powder, plasticizer poly-Z enol, emulsifier and lubricant (oleic acid), etc.;


Granulation takes sintered alumina micropowder as raw material, and when dry-forming sintered alumina ceramic balls on an isostatic press, in order to increase the packing density and reduce the body cracking, the micropowder raw material must be sprayed and granulated to dry. The pressure spray granulation method is superior to the centrifugal spray granulation method, and the particle size distribution of the raw material after granulation is reasonable and the fluidity is good. Mix the materials in a high-speed mixing drum, add a saturated solution of plasticizing binder PVA, emulsified paraffin, lubricant oleic acid and an appropriate amount of defoamer. After mixing well, spray

Fog dry. The mud is sent to the lower nozzle of the dryer with a diaphragm pump (pressure 1.5 ~ 2.0MPa), and the mud is ejected from the bottom to the top, and flows in the opposite direction with the hot air. After heat exchange, it is discharged with the heat flow, and the material is concentrated into the collecting cylinder after being formed into a ball.


The granulated material is used on a hydraulic press, the gauging rate is 15% ~ 17% when the steel mold is formed, and the forming pressure is 50 ~ 100MPa. The granulated material is used on an isostatic press, especially Rubber (latex) mold, gauging rate (compression ratio, shrinkage ratio, machining allowance) 30% ~ 40%, molding pressure 120 ~ 200MPa.


The green body is fired in a high temperature kiln. Due to the large shrinkage of the product during firing, sand should be added under the green body when the kiln is installed. The sand should be filled with alumina balls or alumina hollow balls for large-scale products and special-shaped products. In order to prevent the green body from cracking due to the impact of the flame during the sintering process, a fire retaining wall should be added around the green body. The firing temperature of the product is 1580~1620°C, the holding time is 10-15h, and the total firing time is 3~5 days. The quality of wear-resistant ceramic balls is related to the following factors: density, crushing strength, impact strength, and wear. Therefore, the production process must be strictly controlled to ensure the technical indicators of the finished product.

Product Picking

The first round of product selection is carried out by machine, and then the second manual selection is carried out to ensure that there is no problem with the product, and a second random inspection test is arranged to ensure that the content of the product is up to the standard

Packaging And Transportation

Our package size is 25kg/(Zirconium balls are packed in barrels, and aluminum balls are packed in bags). Finally, different packaging and shipping can be adopted according to different customers.


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