Application of alumina lining brick in ball mill

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Alumina lining bricks can improve the service life of ball mill liners. We analyze this from the following perspectives:

Ball mill working principle:

As an important equipment for refining and powdering solid materials, ball mills are widely used in construction, cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramics, power, medicine, and national defense industries. When the ball mill is working, the material is uniformly fed into the mill through the feeding device and the hollow shaft. Different specifications of grinding media are installed inside the mill. The cylinder rotates to produce centrifugal force, which lifts the grinding balls to a certain height and then drops them, causing heavy impact and grinding action on the material.

Wear mechanism of ball mill:

The main function of ball mill liners is to protect the mill. When the mill rotates, the grinding balls and materials in the mill are lifted to a certain height by the liner before being thrown or spilled down to grind and crush the material. The liner is subjected to impacts, slides, and rolls caused by the steel balls and materials, as well as temperature effects. Therefore, the main failure mode of the liner is abrasive wear under small energy multiple impacts. Under abrasive wear conditions, wear resistance directly affects the service life of components. Therefore, the material and wearing amount of the liner are important factors affecting the service life of ball mill liners.

Advantages of alumina lining bricks:
Alumina lining bricks can be used as linings in ball mills. They have the characteristics of high hardness, high density, low wear, good regularity, and corrosion resistance. They are widely used in industries such as ceramics, cement, paint, pigments, chemicals, medicine, coatings, and inorganic mineral powders. They can effectively improve grinding efficiency, reduce grinding costs, and reduce product pollution.
1、Its main component is alumina, with high purity, which can reduce the pollution to the ground material.
2、It has good wear resistance and effectively extends the service life of equipment.
3、When matched with grinding balls, it can produce fine slurry.
4、Because the material is microcrystalline alumina, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high density, and high mechanical strength.


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