Characteristics of alumina lining brick

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Characteristics of alumina lining bricks:

1、High impact resistance
This product has excellent impact resistance due to the use of carbon fiber reinforcement, which improves its overall performance and significantly improves its impact resistance, overcoming the brittleness weakness of ceramic products and improving their practicality. The impact resistance is comparable to that of high-polyethylene materials, especially at low temperatures where the impact strength is higher. The toughness of wear-resistant corundum ceramics provides a safe and reliable guarantee for conveying systems.

2、High wear resistance
The friction coefficient of this product is small, and the long organic molecular chains and wear-resistant polycrystalline ceramics make the wear resistance of this composite wear-resistant component nearly 300 times higher than that of manganese steel liner plate when conveying various materials and powders. It is about 60 times higher than that of PVC pipes and PE pipes, greatly prolonging the service life of pipelines and components.

3、Strong corrosion resistance
This new product is a saturated molecular structure with extremely high stability and can withstand erosion by various highly corrosive media (acids, salts) and organic solvents within a certain temperature and concentration range.

This product has lubricity and non-stickiness, with a very small friction coefficient. The inner wall of the pipeline produced by special technology is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, non-scaling, with low flow resistance, and can maintain the rated flow rate and flow for a long time.

5、Good weather resistance and anti-aging properties
This product has good weather resistance and anti-aging properties. There are few unsaturated molecular groups in the polymer chain of composite materials, with a large molecular weight and the addition of high-quality improvement and wear-resistant fine powder, making the service life of wear-resistant corundum ceramic composite wear-resistant parts much longer than that of ordinary polyethylene components.

6、Wide working temperature range
This product can work at -60°C to 150°C for a long time (the normal temperature wear-resistant ceramics use temperature is 300°C). Using special bonding agents, the ceramic body will not detach even if bent or deformed by hand, ensuring that ceramic detachment does not occur under harsh climate conditions.


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