Common specifications of wear-resistant ceramics

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The common specifications of wear-resistant ceramics include:

10×5×1.5mm, 10×10×1.5mm;

10×10×3mm, 15×15×3mm;

17.5×17.5×3mm, 20×20×3mm;

20×20×5mm, 50×60×6mm;

50×60×8mm, 120×80×25mm.

Various special-shaped parts, high-precision wear-resistant parts, and ceramic-metal composite parts can also be customized according to needs.

Each type of engineering ceramic material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so a full analysis and research must be conducted based on the operating conditions of the ceramic. If the usage conditions are not met, the ceramic will not achieve the expected results. The main factors that generally affect the performance of ceramics are as follows:

1、Temperature range and changes during use;

2、Corrosive medium;

3、Stress condition;

4、Angle of incidence of hard particle impact;

5、Particle erosion intensity.

Among all ceramic materials, Saint-Gobain recommends mainly using two types: alumina and silicon carbide ceramics. Alumina ceramics have extremely high resistance to general corrosion and wear and have the highest performance-to-price ratio, making them suitable for most applications. Sintered silicon carbide is only considered for use under higher temperature, higher toughness, and wear resistance requirements.


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