How long is the service life of alumina wear-resistant ceramic sheets

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  The service life of wear-resistant alumina ceramic tiles:

  The service life of wear-resistant ceramic tiles is not only related to their own quality, but also affected by external factors, including the size and hardness of the medium particles, friction mode, environment, load, flushing speed, temperature, and time.

  Generally speaking, the smaller the particle size, the lower the concentration, the lower the flushing speed, and the smaller the flushing angle, the longer the service life of the wear-resistant ceramic tiles.

  In the pipeline of slag micro-powder production line, for example, with a micro-powder specific surface area of 420-450m2/kg, a concentration of 350g/Nm3, a speed of 28-30m/s, and a flushing angle of 30 degrees, a 20mm wear-resistant ceramic tile can be used for 8-10 years.

  The materials ground in raw material mill and clinker grinding mill are easier to grind than slag. The service life of wear-resistant ceramic tiles with the same thickness can also reach more than 10 years.


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