How to identify a good wear-resistant alumina lining

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How to identify good wear-resistant alumina ceramic liners:

1、First of all, carefully observe the surface details of the wear-resistant alumina ceramic liner. High-quality wear-resistant alumina ceramic liners have a uniform color, smooth and non-rough surface, and no stains.
When identifying welded alumina ceramic liners, check whether the accessories match the inner hole of the liner, whether there are gaps, and high-quality ones should match the inner hole without any gaps. The weight should not be too light, generally not less than 5 grams.

2、easure the tolerance of the board to see if the tolerances of the boards differ greatly, because normal boards will have some shrinkage and a small range of tolerances that are considered normal. If the tolerances of the boards differ greatly, be cautious in choosing them.

3、The density of the board can be calculated to identify it, as many people may doubt whether the alumina content of the board can reach 92 ceramics or 95 ceramics. Therefore, we can calculate the density to determine the alumina content, and accurately measure the density of the wear-resistant alumina ceramic liner using the drainage method. The primary function of wear-resistant alumina ceramic liners is of course wear resistance, so we can identify the quality of the board through wear resistance testing. The commonly used detection method is to use a sandblasting machine with a pressure of 4.0kg/cm3, a distance of 50mm, a spraying angle of 45 degrees, and a time of 60 minutes, and then measure the degree of wear.

4、Another method is to test the hardness of the board, and the hardness of the liner can be tested according to the method specified in GB/T16534 standard.


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