Precautions for high quality inert alumina balls

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  Preparation for Inert Alumina Ceramic Ball:

  (1) Clean all dust and debris inside the tower before filling the ceramic balls.

  (2) Mark the filling heights of the ceramic balls and catalysts inside the tower according to the filling drawings.

  (3) Prepare necessary machinery such as cranes and hoists for larger construction projects.

  (4) The personnel involved in the ceramic ball filling must have clear division of labor and responsibilities to avoid confusion.

  (5) Check whether the ceramic balls, molecular sieves, and catalysts meet the requirements for filling.

  Notes on Inert Alumina Ceramic Ball:

  (1) Low-voltage lighting should be installed inside the tower for the convenience of personnel operation.

  (2) Before operation, personnel should remove loose items carried with them and wear professional work clothes and take other safety measures.

  (3) Construction must strictly follow the ceramic ball filling drawings, and a re-inspection is required after completion.

  (4) One to two operators enter from the manhole under the synthesis tower's lower closure and fill the ceramic balls to the designated height line with a scraper.

  (5) Measure the remaining space's height, calculate the volume of the remaining space, and determine the quantity of ceramic balls needed.

  (6) Finally, carefully inspect the entire construction situation after installation is completed.


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