What are alumina ceramic balls? What are the advantages

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Alumina ceramic balls are made of alumina with very low silicon content, which gives them high purity and strength, making them extremely resistant to high temperatures. They are used in reaction towers to prevent equipment located beneath silicon earth cover from becoming fouled or damaging catalyst carriers.


High wear resistance: Alumina ceramic balls have better wear resistance than ordinary ceramic balls. When the grinding ceramic ball is in operation, it does not produce pollution, so it can maintain high purity and improve the stability of the grinding effect.

High density: High density, hardness and grinding characteristics save grinding time, expand the space for grinding, and effectively improve the grinding effect.

Alumina ceramic balls are a type of ceramic filler mainly processed and produced using alumina materials. These products come in various specifications, sizes and purities, and are used as covering support materials and tower fillers for catalysts inside reactors. Zirconia-alumina ceramic balls have the characteristics of high temperature and pressure resistance, low water absorption, and stable chemical properties. They can withstand corrosion by acids, alkalis and other organic solvents, and can also withstand temperature changes during the production process. Their main function is to increase gas or liquid distribution points, support and protect low-strength active catalysts.


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