What is the application of alumina grinding balls in mines

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  Mineral resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and ores with low grades, complex compositions, and difficult direct mining require fine grinding to achieve liberation, which is the premise and key of sorting. Many mining industries use ordinary ball mills with steel balls as grinding media, resulting in low grinding efficiency and product particle size unable to reach the size required for single liberation, leading to ore grades only reaching 53-55%.

  In the mining and non-metallic mineral fields, the preparation of industrial mineral powders is relatively inexpensive, so there is a need for large-scale processing equipment that can handle a large amount of material, and gradually moving towards large-scale and automated production is the trend. In some domestic and foreign mines, such as gold, silver, iron, molybdenum, copper, nickel, etc., some ores need to be ground to 400 mesh and pass through 90% or more to achieve single liberation, requiring large-scale equipment for regrinding and fine grinding that is energy-efficient and highly efficient.

  Large sand mills, such as the 10000L sand mill, are widely used in metal mining for regrinding or fine grinding operations in foreign mines.

  It is said that grinding balls with lower wear will come out together with the material, and after separation, they will be added back to the equipment until they cannot be used together with the ore due to their fineness.

  At the same time, tower mills, which are commonly used equipment both domestically and internationally, have materials fed into the bottom of the mill and after being ground by the media inside the cylinder, qualified products overflow from the top of the mill while coarser particles remain inside the mill for further grinding. In addition to ball mills, sand mills and tower mills all use small-sized ceramic grinding media and perform wet grinding.


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