What is the service life of alumina balls

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  Do you know how often to replace activated alumina balls? What is the service life of activated alumina balls?

  1、Check if the color of the activated alumina balls has changed or turned yellow.

  2、Check if the usage period has exceeded 2 years. If it has, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

  3、Check if the gas humidity is too high. If the humidity is high, it may indicate that the activated alumina balls have failed.

  4、Check if there is a significant amount of fluoride in the water. If there is, it indicates that the activated alumina balls need to be replaced.

  The service life of activated alumina balls:

  Activated alumina balls can be used as a defluorination agent for high-fluoride drinking water (with a large defluorination capacity), a defluorination agent for cyclic hydrocarbons in alkyl benzene production, a deacidification and regeneration agent for transformer oil, and a drying agent for industries such as oxygen production, textile, electronics, automation instrument air, fertilizer, and petrochemicals. They can also be used as purifying agents, and in the air separation industry, they can achieve a dew point temperature of -55 degrees Celsius through pressure swing adsorption. Activated alumina balls are a type of drying agent that allows for deep and thorough removal of trace amounts of water.


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