What is the zirconium-aluminum composite wear-resistant ceramic lining

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Zirconia-alumina composite wear-resistant ceramic liner:

When it comes to zirconia-alumina composite wear-resistant ceramic liners, we must first talk about zirconia-alumina composite wear-resistant ceramics. It is an engineering ceramic material composed of zirconia and alumina, combining the high performance of zirconia with the low cost of alumina ceramics.

Therefore, it is considered by the ceramic materials industry to be a high-performance and cost-effective engineering ceramic material that is widely used and has become a hot product in the material industry.

Zirconia-alumina composite wear-resistant ceramics generally refer to zirconia-toughened alumina ceramic materials. With the development of nanoceramic material processing technology, obstacles to the manufacture of zirconia-alumina composite ceramics have been eliminated and their comparative advantages are becoming increasingly apparent. In many fields of the national economy, such as mining and the preparation of inorganic non-metallic materials, ultrafine grinding methods are mostly used. At the same time, to avoid iron contamination, reduce processing costs, and improve the quality of processed products, wear-resistant linings made of steel materials, conveying pipelines, and steel ball mills in grinding equipment are being replaced by ceramic materials.

Among these ceramic materials, the new generation of ZTA zirconia-alumina composite ceramic tiles and liners are widely used and cost-effective products, which are becoming popular materials in the research and production of structural ceramics.

In addition to its own advantages in the field of structural ceramics, zirconia-alumina composite wear-resistant ceramic liners can replace zirconia ceramic products at a lower price, and can also replace existing applications of alumina ceramics to meet the needs of high-strength impact environments and high-purity ultrafine product quality improvement. This replacement has already begun and its trend will accelerate.

Zirconia-alumina composite ceramic liners are more resistant to impact and wear than alumina ceramic liners, with stronger toughness and higher hardness!


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