What Is Zirconia Toughened Alumina Ball and Its Uses?

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The zirconia toughened alumina ball is a rounded shape ball which is the fusion of zirconia and alumina. In short, zirconia-toughened alumina is called ZTA. To be precise, it is the fusion of zirconium and aluminum oxide. ZTA can be found in small balls or beads. ZTA Balls have many uses in the industry. ZTA is known for its resistance and hardness, which is why ZTA is also used in the medical field. ZTA is used to make implants.

All you need to know about Zirconia Toughened Alumina

There are many uses of zirconia toughened alumina. Some uses are Sandblasting, Casting and Foundry, Implants, Car parts, and Cutting tools. These were all the uses of general ZTA. The use of zirconia toughened alumina ball differs from the general ZTA. The general ZTA is found in grain form, while it is converted to a ball shape for some special uses.

Zirconia Toughened Alumina Ball

Uses of Zirconia Toughened Alumina Balls

Due to special uses, the general ZTA is converted into ball form. These balls and beads have many uses. Some of the use of zirconia toughened alumina ball have become very important.


Sandblasting is one of the most important uses of ZTA balls on the industrial level. ZTA balls are used for sandblasting, through which you clean, der-rust, and remove paint from anything. Sandblasting is now considered dangerous because it adversely affects the human lungs. You can also sandblast zirconia with the help of ZTA balls.

Milling of Gold, Silver, and Platinum

ZTA balls are also used to obtain gold, silver, and platinum. You can obtain gold, silver, and platinum by extracting its ores. ZTA balls are also used for the dispersion of these metals. ZTA balls are also involved in the milling and dispersion of lead, copper, and zinc.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is used for protection purposes. Ceramic coating is often applied on vehicles so that the vehicle's body stays clean and safe. ZTA balls have an important use in ceramic coating and paints. ZTA balls being strong and resistant, is the perfect ingredient for ceramic coating. ZTA beads improve the coating on many levels because of their hardness and thermal properties. ZTA balls also extend the life of the ceramic coating.


ZTA beads have an important role in grinding. It is used to grind viscous slurries and abrasives. ZTA balls deal with expensive metals in milling. You can use ZTA balls to grind precious metals and very pure metals.

Enhances strength

ZTA balls enhance the strength of pure metals due to their thermal shock and wear-resistant properties. ZTA beads are inserted inside the body of these metals to make them tougher.


ZTA balls are also used in spays. ZTA balls are used in thermal sprays, which are used for coating.

Medical use

ZTA is also used in the medical field. It is used to produce implants. It is also used in cosmetics and plastic surgeries.


ZTA balls are used for the polishing of expensive metals. It is also used for the polishing of non-ferrous components.

Zirconia Toughened Alumina Ball

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The most important use of zirconia toughened alumina ball is in the ceramic coating, which is widely used nowadays. ZTA balls can be used for different purposes. Get it from our website to enjoy its perks.


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