Introduction and Application of Alumina Balls

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What is alumina ball?

Alumina grinding ball refers to materials such as bauxite, roller powder, industrial alumina powder, high-temperature calcined alpha alumina powder, etc., firing and other processes, mainly as a ball stone widely used as a grinding medium.

According to different alumina content, it can be divided into medium alumina balls, medium-high alumina balls and high alumina balls.

Generally, we classify 60%-65% alumina content as medium-alumina balls, 75%-80% alumina content as medium-high alumina balls, and 90% or more alumina content as high-alumina balls. Among them, high alumina balls are subdivided into 90%, 92%, 95% and 99%. Due to its extremely high production cost, 99% alumina ball is rarely produced in large quantities by large manufacturers, and it is mainly made by hand in some special ceramic factories.

Due to their low price, medium aluminum balls and medium-high aluminum balls are accepted by most ceramic factories and are mainly used for grinding ceramic blanks. High alumina balls are widely used in different types of ceramics, enamel, glass, chemical industry, etc. The factory's thick and hard materials are finished and deep-processed, among which high-alumina balls with a content of 92% are most commonly used.

Common industry applications of alumina balls

1. Quartz grinding

As we know, the first application of high aluminum ball is in quartz grinding, we all know that the hardness of quartz is also very high, especially high white quartz requires a high degree of whiteness, and high aluminum ball hardness, white color, which solves the grinding problem of high white quartz.

2. Glass grinding

For glass grinding, glass hardness is also very high, ordinary grinding medium on its processing capacity is limited, and too many impurities mixed will greatly reduce the quality of glass, resulting in the finished glass phase is not good, unable to produce high-quality products. And high aluminum ball hardness and high purity can be a good solution to this problem.

3. Cement grinding

High aluminum ball has very low abrasion, thermal conductivity, and low-density characteristics, in the water grinding of the second stage has a good performance, energy saving and consumption reduction, and improves product quality effect.

4. Lithium battery grinding

This is a new industry. We know as lithium battery materials are sensitive to iron, which means the conventional metal grinding media in which can't be used, and in nonmetallic grinding media, high alumina ball efficiency is the highest, so it became the obvious grinding material.

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