Are alumina hollow ball bricks high alumina bricks?

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Is high alumina brick the same as hollow alumina ball brick?

High alumina brick is not the same as hollow alumina ball brick, but there is a certain connection between them because both contain alumina trihydrate. In essence, the two refractory bricks have differences.

1、Regarding the raw materials and characteristics of refractory bricks:
High alumina brick refers to refractory bricks with an Al2O3 content of more than 48%. It is mainly made from natural high-grade bauxite, which contains minerals such as diaspore, boehmite, and kaolinite. Soft or semi-soft clay is added to the high-alumina clinker as a binder to begin the batching, mixing, forming, drying, and finally firing process. The refractoriness of high alumina brick is around 1770°C, and the load softening temperature is between 1420°C and 1550°C.

Hollow alumina ball brick refers to lightweight refractory bricks with an Al2O3 content of more than 90%. It is mainly made from hollow alumina balls as the main raw material and proportional addition of industrial alumina powder and binders. After mixing, pressing, forming, and drying, it is fired at a high temperature of 1800°C in a shuttle kiln to become a high-grade insulating refractory product. The refractoriness of the hollow alumina ball brick is around 1790°C.

2、Regarding their applications:
High alumina brick is generally used in high-temperature furnace working layers and areas that come into contact with slag. The application environment is relatively harsh.

Hollow alumina ball brick can be used as the lining bricks in various high-temperature furnaces above 1500°C, such as refractory materials and various high-temperature furnace lining bricks in the ceramic industry. It can also be used as the thermal insulation layer of thermal equipment, such as petrochemical gasification furnaces and gas-making furnaces.

In terms of raw materials, characteristics, and applications, high alumina brick and hollow alumina ball brick have significant differences. Therefore, high alumina brick is not the same as hollow alumina ball brick, and high alumina brick belongs to high-alumina refractory bricks.


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