What is inert alumina packing ball

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Alumina packing balls, also known as inert alumina ceramic balls, are named "inert" because they do not undergo chemical reactions and act as catalysts. Additionally, due to their dense texture, they have a very low water absorption rate and do not function as drying agents.

Inert alumina packing balls are widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas, and environmental protection as covering support materials and tower packing for catalysts in reactors. They are mainly used as bottom padding materials in hydrogenation cracking refining equipment, catalytic reforming equipment, isomerization equipment, demethylation equipment, and other facilities in chemical fiber plants, alkyl benzene plants, and aromatic hydrocarbon plants.

So how are alumina packing balls processed?

Alumina packing balls are made from ultra-fine calcined alumina micro-powder material that is uniformly mixed using fully-automatic mixing equipment, molded into spheres using a sphere-forming machine, and then fired at 1600°C in a high-temperature tunnel kiln. Alumina packing balls have the characteristics of high temperature and pressure resistance, low water absorption, and stable chemical properties, and can resist the corrosion of acids, alkalis, and other solvents. They can also withstand temperature changes and have good thermal stability. Their main role is to add distribution points for gases or liquids, as well as to support and protect active catalysts with low strength.

The primary use of alumina packing balls is as a support material, so compressive strength, water absorption rate, particle size, and resistance to sudden changes in temperature are important factors.

For example, the compressive strength of a 99% φ20mm alumina packing ball is about 13 KN per ball, its water absorption rate is less than 5%, its bulk density is ≥1900 kg/m, and it can withstand temperature changes greater than 850°C. As a bottom padding material, it also has the advantage of resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, making it highly favored by users.


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