Five performance advantages and characteristics of wear-resistant ceramic tubes

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The performance and advantages of wear-resistant ceramic pipes mainly come from the performance characteristics of the ceramic lining.

1、Wear resistance: The ceramic lining of wear-resistant ceramic pipes is mainly made of high-purity alumina as the main material, which is made into a ceramic material through a special sintering process. The alumina content exceeds 90%, and the hardness is above HRA90, second only to diamond, so its wear resistance is excellent.

2、Corrosion resistance: Wear-resistant ceramics are stable α-alumina formed by alumina powder at around 2000°C. Their chemical properties are stable and difficult to react with acids and bases, so they can resist most acid and alkali corrosion.

3、High temperature resistance: Wear-resistant ceramics are originally sintered in a high-temperature environment. The ceramic lining can work normally in an environment of over 1000 degrees. However, wear-resistant ceramic pipes are glued together by adhesives, and the high-temperature resistance of the adhesive limits the temperature resistance of the pipeline. Therefore, the temperature range of wear-resistant ceramic pipes is generally between -20°C and 500°C. However, wear-resistant ceramic pipes produced by mechanical self-locking or integral molding methods can avoid the limitations of adhesives and withstand high temperatures of up to 1000°C.

4、Abrasion resistance: The high smoothness and small connection gap of the ceramic lining of wear-resistant ceramic pipes show good durability against large particle abrasion and gas dust abrasion.

5、Lightweight, saving manpower and material resources: Compared with high-chromium cast iron and cast stone pipelines, wear-resistant ceramic pipes have a small density and light weight. They are easy to install, transport, and maintain, reduce the load of support hangers, and save manpower and material resources.


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