What are the advantages and market prospects of high-purity alumina balls

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Aluminum oxide powder is one of the most important powdered materials in industrial production. Spherical powders, especially highly dispersed spherical powders, have excellent flowability due to their spherical structure, as well as greater surface area and physicochemical properties that make them useful in a variety of applications.

Alumina spheres have outstanding compression molding and sintering properties, which greatly improve the quality of ceramic products.

Their regular shape can prevent scratches and make them suitable as polishing and grinding materials.

In the petrochemical industry, ultrafine spherical alumina powder can be used directly as a catalyst, reducing wear and increasing the lifespan of the catalyst, thereby reducing production costs.

The global market for spherical alumina is predicted to reach $94.61 million by 2024.

Therefore, with the rapid development of industrialization, spherical alumina powder will undoubtedly be developed further and applied more widely.


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