How to choose wear-resistant ceramic elbow

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How to choose wear-resistant ceramic elbows?

First: Color

There are two common colors of wear-resistant ceramic elbows. One is white, which is ceramic patch, and the other is black, which is sintered ceramics. The basic color can be used to distinguish them, and this differentiation is relatively simple.

Second: Look at the operating temperature

Many people may say that they cannot see the color inside. Then let's start by looking at the operating temperature. The general operating temperature of ceramic patches is around 200℃, and if it gets too high, there may be a phenomenon of dropping ceramic. The temperature for sintered ceramics is around 800℃.

Third: Connection method of wear-resistant ceramic elbows

The common connection methods include flanges, welding, connectors, etc. Here is a connection method that is currently used more often, which is sintered ceramic pipelines, which is welding. Generally, it will not be wrong to choose sintering for ceramic pipelines without pipe joints.


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