Technical requirements for wear-resistant ceramic elbows

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  The technical requirements for wear-resistant ceramic elbows are:

  The lining ceramic blocks of the wear-resistant component adopt an interlocking ceramic structure, that is, a male-female groove inlaid anti-loose type ceramic patch. The ceramic blocks are designed with unique male and female grooves to form a 360-degree mechanical self-supporting structure, ensuring that the contact between the waist sections of the elbow is a surface-contact structure. There is no wire contact between the ceramic blocks, and the ceramic blocks are tightly attached to the inner wall of the wear-resistant component by mutual pressure adhesion. The ceramic lining tiles are interlocked to form a whole, and the contact surface edges of all ceramic blocks are designed with a cone shape to ensure that the ceramic blocks do not fall off.

  The surface of the ceramic lining tiles should be flat, smooth, with a surface roughness of 1.0, low conveying resistance, and free passage for materials without hanging or blocking.

  After the construction of the ceramic lining, the unevenness of its inner surface should not exceed ±0.2mm.

  Ensure that the ceramic tiles arranged on the inner wall of the ceramic pipe are compactly arranged, and the gap between the ceramic tiles is ≤0.2mm. During assembly, adhesive should be applied between the ceramic tiles and between the ceramics and the inner wall of the pipeline to ensure that the ceramic layer is tightly combined with the inner wall of the pipeline, and the formed wear-resistant ceramic layer is resistant to impact and wear.

  The production of wear-resistant ceramics requires the use of high-quality alpha alumina powder as raw material, which is high-purity, ultrafine, with a narrow single particle size distribution, and treated by spray drying granulation process. The powder is dry-pressed into molded blanks to obtain sintered alumina ceramics with high bulk density and uniform density distribution. The ceramic tiles should have strong wear resistance, good heat resistance, and corrosion resistance.

  The wear-resistant elbow in the wear-resistant component must be produced strictly in accordance with the technical requirements in the supply list, and a 200mm area at both ends of the inlet and outlet of the wear-resistant elbow should not be covered with ceramics.


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