What is wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining

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  here are many names for wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining tiles, such as alumina ceramic tiles, high alumina lining tiles, wear-resistant ceramic lining tiles, alumina ceramic patches, and alumina lining tiles.

  The characteristics of wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining tiles: Firstly, they have a high hardness, with a Rockwell hardness up to HRA80-90. Their wear resistance is extremely good, and it can be higher than manganese steel and high-chromium cast iron, which can extend the service life of equipment by more than ten times. Also, the weight of wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining tiles is very light, with a density of 3.65g/cm, which can greatly reduce the load on the equipment. Wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining tiles are firmly bonded to the equipment, have good heat resistance, and can operate without aging at temperatures up to 350℃.

  Advantages of wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining tiles: Wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining tiles are inorganic non-metallic materials, so they will not cause pollution to the environment. They have excellent toughness and seismic performance, strong fracture toughness, and can effectively prevent damage and peeling caused by impact force. Wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining tiles also have high mechanical strength, good compatibility, and integrity.

  Finally, let me teach you how to identify wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining tiles:

  First, look at the surface of the ceramic tiles. Good wear-resistant alumina ceramic tiles have a smooth and even surface without roughness or black spots, and a uniform color. To facilitate construction, wear-resistant ceramic lining tiles are usually pasted on a background paper, and the joints should be continuous and form a straight line. Density measurement can be used to identify them, and the alumina content can be calculated by measuring the density. A wear test can also be performed using a sandblasting machine with a pressure of 4.0kg/cm3, a distance of 50mm, a spray angle of 45 degrees, and a measurement of wear within 60 minutes.


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