What are the factors that affect the wear resistance of wear-resistant ceramic coatings?

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  There are two main factors that affect the wear resistance of wear-resistant ceramic coatings:

  1、Powder content:

  The main component of the wear-resistant function in the coating is alumina ceramic powder. When the powder content is low, there are fewer supporting points to withstand wear, and the coating cannot be effectively protected. With an increase in powder content, the area of ceramic that can resist wear increases, thereby protecting the coating and reducing weight loss due to wear. When the powder content is increased to a certain amount, the wear loss reaches a relatively small level.

  When the powder content exceeds a certain amount, the bonding between the ceramic powder and the adhesive is insufficient, and some of the ceramic particles may fall off due to inadequate shear strength under frictional forces. As a result, the wear resistance of the coating decreases significantly, and the weight loss due to wear increases dramatically.

  2、Influence of powder particle size on wear resistance:

  When powder particles are small, the contact area between the particles and the adhesive is small, and the bonding force is not strong enough. Therefore, the particles are more likely to detach during the wear process. With an increase in particle size, the bonding area increases and the tendency for detachment due to deformation or cracking of the adhesive decreases. When the particle size becomes too large, the bonding defects, such as pores, increase, and the bonding force decreases. Large ceramic particles may fall off during wear, resulting in a significant increase in wear loss. The exposed adhesive layer is unprotected and cannot provide wear resistance, so the particle size of the ceramic also has a significant influence on the wear resistance, and both oversized and undersized particle sizes are inappropriate.


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